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bass guitar strings

Playing the Bass Guitar – More Than a Hobby

This post will expose you to the bass guitar (by the way For a great guide to help you out see this great bass strings guide), touch on its history, its evolution and mention a few of the amazing bass …
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10 Things to Consider When Choosing an IT Support in Manchester

If you require an IT support in Manchester, you will be required to carefully take into account what exact requirements you need, and what services and skills offered by the support company. It might be a daunting task because …

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Change Means New Opportunities For You And Your Business

Often, companies fail to change quick enough and they end up doomed. This is something I learned by listening to an expert from a change management consultancy in London who inspired me with his insights.

Verify that your mirror still …

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3 Steps For Making Your Local Business Becoming A Global Phenomenon

Imagine your organization being promoted not simply by your and you sales staff but by thousands worldwide. Is it possible to picture what that might because of your profits? With due respect, is it possible to get outta your own …

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Incredible Office Chair

Despite all the chatter about standing up at your desk, Knoll knows that most professionals are largely chair-bound. But that doesn’t mean we sit still. We twist, turn, and fidget. New Zealand-based Formway Design, a longtime Knoll partner, studied these

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Ruin an iPhone User’s Day With This Phone-Crashing Link

If you’re reading this on an iPhone, consider this fair warning – there’s a nasty link doing the rounds on the web that exists for the soul purpose of crashing your Apple-built smartphone.

The link in question, crashsafari.com (non-hyperlinked for

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Yo, Stuff!

Welcome on Yo Stuff, a website for best stuff from the internet.…

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